African-American Children’s Museum Set To Open In Baltimore

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By The Black Detour Team

African-American children’s museum set to open in Baltimore, will be the first African-American children’s museum in the country.

Often time children never learn Black history outside of the 28 days February. However, a new children’s museum in the works in Baltimore planing to shed light on Black history CBS Baltimore reported. The museum plans to feature music, drumming and dancing that have influenced American pop culture at the Sankofa Children’s Museum.

“This should help them appreciate the culture,” Mama Kiki Armstrong said. “We’re not just talking about African-American kids. We’re talking about all the kids in the community.”

Armstrong who is originally from Ghana, wants to feature art and textiles that are so precious in native-African communities.

“The Sankofa Children’s Museum is so important because children need to learn their history and their culture,” Nile Ross said. An online fundraiser has raised a few thousand dollars toward the museum according to the news station.

The museum would be the first African-American children’s museum in the country.

“We have to realize that the history of Black America, for instance, does not start with slavery,” Armstrong said. “There is a whole lot of history and a whole lot of civilization before the white men ever set foot in Africa.”

The Sankofa Children’s Museum is preparing to open its doors in Park Heights this summer.

“They might not even know that they’re learning,” Armstrong said. “But we will introduce ideas and concepts that they could participate in, and thereby learn the history of Africa.”

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